Ripley's Red Trains

St. Augustine’s ORIGINAL Tour

Showing off our city since 1953!

Step off and re-board the train at your leisure at over 20 convenient stops for attractions, historic sites, restaurants, and shopping here in the “Nation’s Oldest City”.

Ride the Red Trains for up to 3 consecutive days giving you plenty of time to see all that St. Augustine has to offer.

Ripley's Red Train Tours

Face your fears and join us for an interactive paranormal experience!

Ripley's Ghost Train Adventure

Take a Ride to the Dark Side

An 80 minute paranormal tour that takes you deep into St. Augustine’s haunted history where you will investigate 3 haunted sites utilizing emf meters and laser grids while hearing the chilling tales of those who haunt our historic streets.

Ripley's Haunted Castle Tour

Haunted Castle Tour

Join Team RIP (Ripley’s Investigates the Paranormal) as you conduct your own, interactive investigation of the most haunted building on the Southeastern Seaboard, the Ripley’s Castle Warden.

Ripley's Ghost Train Adventures