Guinness World Records Challenge

The new Guinness World Records Attraction is the most engaging concept we have seen in years!

William P. Nassal, Partner The Nassal Company

The new GWRC is a great family entertainment option and will certainly be a strong anchor for many developments world-wide.

Joe Zenas, CEO Thinkwell

The new Guinness World Records attraction is the future of the industry.

Jim Pattison, President Ripley Entertainment Inc.

Guinness World Records

Basic Business Model

Ripley Entertainment Inc. provides all show element designs, intellectual property, media rights, and proprietary show management software as well as the use of the world famous trademarks in association with the attraction.

Ripley Entertainment Inc. provides substantial design and operational support.

Flexible Models

Ripley Entertainment Inc. offers various business models that can be adapted to fit your organization’s specific needs.


Traditional GWR Museums

GWR Museum - Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

GWR Museum - Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, California


Brand New Guinness World Records Experience

Guinness World Records Challenge

Hands-On Record Breaking

The venue will offer endless opportunities for special events, public and media relations as guests experience the thrill of hands-on record breaking fun and excitement.

Each location will become an official embassy of the adjudication division of Guinness World Records. Think global, act local. 

High impact retail opportunities are generated by capturing such “media moments” as mementos of the experience for all the participants.

Completely Re-imagined

The new Guinness World Records Attraction leverages the competitive spirit of one of the world’s most authentic and official brands by allowing ticket buying guests to attempt and set Guinness World Records.

The competition is what it’s all about. My kids would have so much fun trying to beat us. 

It uses significant technology to present and record the record breaking, including an additional level of immersion via customized individual tracking software.

Guinness World Records Challenge

Break Guinness World Records Onsite


Every attraction guest will have the opportunity to break Guinness World Records

– Alistair Richards,Managing Director Guinness World Records


Franchise Overview

Initial capital required depends on the size and location of the attraction, but is approximately between $8.0 and $15.0 million USD .

The site development fee is $100,000 USD. Ongoing royalty fees are the greater of a set minimum annual fee or 15% of gross revenues.

Site Specs

  • A typical attraction is 21,500 sq ft (2,000 sq mt)
  • Located in a high visibility area with substantial tourist traffic and favorable zoning and signage regulations
  • Front façade is dynamic and unique


7576 Kingspointe Pkwy, Suite 188
Orlando, FL 32819

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