One-of-a-kind art exhibit featuring works made from unconventional materials. The experience can be enhanced by a free mobile app that allows guests to interact & learn throughout the exhibit.

The artist’s medium is just as remarkable as the artwork!

Many of Ripley’s best artwork has been created from unusual things, including ordinary household objects like: popsicle sticks, cigarette wrappers, dog hair, black beans, jelly beans, laundry lint, toast, toothpicks and matchsticks!

Dog sculpture made from bike chains

Michael Jackson made out of candy

Full-size Harley made entirely with 25,000 varied candies

Mini Cooper covered in 1M Swarovski crystals

Jimi Hendrix made from guitar picks

Castle made with 450K matchsticks

Micro-sculptures that fit int he eye of a needle

8ft portrait of Einstein made with toast

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. made with used stamps


Who We Are

Ripley Entertainment is a world leader in family fun, bringing in 14 million guests annually. Built on the foundation of a daily newspaper cartoon, which debuted in 1918, the company operates more than 100 attractions in 11 countries. Not only is Ripley Entertainment one of the largest and fasted growing chains of attraction companies, but it has a long, successful history in book publishing, product licensing, plus radio & television programming.


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