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Ripley's Out of the Box

Latest book showcases the best in ingenuity, imagination, and inspiring accomplishments.

Orlando, FL (August 24, 2021) – After a year that left little room for stepping outside our comfort zones, many struggled to find inspiration and ways to foster their creativity. But many others hit their stride in taking that leap, setting new standards, and finding opportunity in the situation at hand. Ripley’s newest book, Out of the Box, celebrates those who discovered new ways of creative thinking and pushed themselves beyond boundaries never thought imaginable.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Out of the Box features 256 pages of inspiring people, far-off places, and adventures near and far. Be inspired by unbelievable talents, breathtaking bucket list–worthy locations and curious discoveries such as:

Out of the Box Book Cover

  • Three-year-old mountain climber Jackson Houlding who became the youngest person to climb Sweden’s Piz Badile along with his parents and seven-year-old sister, Freya, who claims the title of the youngest person to make it to the top of the mountain unaided!
  • Hair-raising artist Erin Blaire who is resurrecting the old circus act known as the hair hang and performs scalp-tingling aerial acts suspended from her long tresses!
  • Ambidextrous lawyer and artist Colin Darke of Detroit, Michigan, who can illustrate two halves of a portrait or design simultaneously — his right and left hands working independently throughout the remarkable process!
  • 65-year-old Dan Wasdahl who despite being able to juggle, hula-hoop and balance a spinning plate on a stick in his mouth while standing on a moving platform — with everything on fire — has another trick up his sleeve: he’s also a medical doctor and associate professor of pathology!
  • The COVID lockdown hobby of Matthew Van Vorst of Astoria, who started sculpting cheese. What began with a vaguely couch-shaped block of cheese that made his co-quarantiners laugh, his new “Cuttin the Cheese” project quickly evolved into an ongoing series of sculptures depicting a variety of subjects, from sandwiches to suitcases!

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Out of the Box, will be released on September 28, 2021, and will be available at major retailers and on Amazon.

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Ripley's Out of the Box Book Spread

Ripley's Out of the Box Book Spread

Ripley's Out of the Box Book Spread###

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